All the procedures related to orthodontic treatment, from the first examination and collection of diagnostic records to the removal of orthodontic appliances at the end of treatment as well as the retention procedures, are delivered to the patients solely by Doctor Alexandra K. Papadopoulou and not by any assisting staff member of the clinic or a non-Specialist Orthodontist.

Orthodontic assessment and treatment are integral parts of oral and overall general health. Aligned teeth and normal development and position of the surrounding skeletal tissues not only create a beautiful smile accompanied by balanced and harmonious face aesthetics but also contribute to normal function such as biting, chewing, speaking, and breathing.

Our holistic philosophy in patient care and the customized treatment approaches, which prioritize each patient’s   needs and expectations, ensure the creation of a great, balanced, harmonious and healthy face and smile for our children or adult patients. These are valuable tools that significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem for improvement in the overall quality of life.