Orthodontic Appliances

All types of orthodontic appliances are used in the clinic.

The choice of which orthodontic appliance is the most suitable for each orthodontic problem is always made with the scope of resolving the problem and providing an excellent final result. However, the final decisions are made after discussion and agreement with patients and parents, also considering your needs and expectations in relation to the final result.


  • Metal braces/brackets
  • Aesthetic clear braces/brackets (ceramic)
  • Lingual braces/brackets (inner side of teeth)

Orthodontic appliances for orthopedic correction of skeletal problems of the jaws (Dentofacial Orthopedics)

  • Maxillary expanders
  • Functional appliances for mandibular (lower jaw) advancement
  • Appliances for maxillary (upper jaw) protraction

Orthodontic appliances for space maintenance in early loss of primary teeth

Habit cessation appliances

Temporary Anchorage Devices-TADs
(mini-screws, mini-implants, skeletal plates)

Clear aligners

Orthodontic appliances for the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Bruxism splints

Orthodontic retainers